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RE:Q Pink

RE:Q Pink

Revital Serum

RE:Q Pink is the secret to the inner beauty, providing moisturizer to the skin and genital area. The combination of the latest technology in the field and bio materials bring together the fruits of life science and dermatology to improve Y zone skin such as silky moisturizing and elasticity on women's sensitive skin.

RE:Q Pink is able to increase the synthesis of extracellular materials such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The antioxidant in RE: Pink can protect cells from oxidative stress and regulates apoptosis. Some act as growth factor and are known to be involved in regulating inflammatory responses and intercellular communication. 

Furthermore, RE:Q Pink has the most advanced delivery system, which is called Protein Transduction Domain (PDT), which delivers high-molecular functional active ingredients such as proteins and peptides through the skin barrier to target cells located deep in the skin layer. 

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