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HGF : The Next Game Changer in The Aesthetic Protocol?

This age-reversal technology, which is derived from stem cells conditioned media, is clinically proven in addressing various skin problems.

Stem cells are well-known to be one of the most scientific breakthrough in this modern era. Many experts in the healthcare industry predict that this invention will be the catalyst for the generation to come. This situation is not surprising as stem cells have a capability to self-replicate, repair, and replace damaged tissue. In the aesthetic industry itself, many prominent dermatologists have turned to stem cells to address anti-aging and other various skin problems.

Despite its significant benefits, dermatologist around the world face several challenges in using stem cells to treat . One of the concerns raised by the FDA is that the manufactured cell product must be fully characterized, predicted, and free from contamination. While some stem cell therapies confront a genetic instability in stem cells. These challenges are several factors that make stem cells to be expensive. In consequence, some prefer to choose a close alternative anti-aging solution, HGF (Human Growth Factor) to rejuvenate damaged skin cells.

HGF is a kind of cytokine that promotes cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation. Most of them are proteins such as peptides and act as intercellular signals that plays a positive role. It occurs naturally in the body, but they also are synthesized, and used in medicine for a range of applicators, including wound healing and immune-system stimulation. Another way to think of HGF is that they are messengers which are designed to be received by specific receptor sites. For examples, HGFs, such as TGF has a function to stimulates collagen production, EGF has a property to stimulate skin-cell production, and many other type of growth factors that have unique characteristic.

Our best selling solution itself, RE:Q, contains 130 types of HGF that will ultimately rejuvenate, and transform the skin to be more healthy, firm, elastic, and luminous.

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