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Deoxycholic Acid Is The Power To Eliminate Fat Cells

Deoxycholic acid causes the destruction of adipocyte cell wall, resulting in the cascade of inflammatory necrosis of cell and reduction in the size of adipocytes.

Eliminating stubborn fat cells in the body is a quite challenging for some dermatologists as fat cells normally reaccumulate fat over a period of time. In general, phosphatidylcholine is the substance that is used to destroy the fat cells. However, some experts find that it is less effective and causes bruises as well as pain post the treatment.

V Light Solution is a result-driven mesolipolysis product that is clinically proven to be safer and more effective than other similar products. It is specifically designed to selectively target excess fat cells and block synthesis of new fat cells. In fact, clinical reports indicate that V Light Solution shows a 45-50% reduction in cellulite. This formula contains deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine (PPC) that are mixed with the right proportion. More importantly, the technology behind this product enables a more comfortable and promising treatment for users.

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