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Osmosis Facial Infusion

Dermal Rejuvenating System

Osmosis Facial Infusion is the Vitamin A non-chemical peel that generates a 30-day collagen production increase in the skin for immediate, youthful results with no down time. The potent formula of this unique product contains a high dose of concentrated actives that penetrate deep into the dermal layer. This modern approach promotes smooth, rejuvenated skin while also addressing acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, all without causing harmful damage.

Osmosis Facial Infusion utilizes 2.5% retinaldehyde (the highest form available in the market) as the main ingredient along with 27 other organic ingredients. In order to send these active ingredients deep into the skin, Osmosis Facial Infusion is equipped with an advanced technology, called liposomal delivery system. that could increase the penetration rate up to 600%. 


- Retinaldehyde : Vitamin A promotes cellular turnover and help reduce the signs of aging

- 1.3 Beta Glucan : activate macrophage immune cells, protects and moisturizes, stimulates collagen synthesis

- Niacinamide : provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

- Chlorella Vulgaris : protects and stimulates collagen and elastin

- Willow Herb : antibacterial, anti-irritant, calming, and anti-inflammatory agent

Osmosis Facial Infusion: Product
Osmosis Facial Infusion: Video
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